Friday, June 19, 2009

6ft blond geisha on the road pt2

so the day rolls around for my driving test. (First of all, let me say...that written test is NOT EASY! or is it just took me FOUR times before I could pass it. lol...In fact I started having nightmares about taking the test) Anyway, SO I talk to Camillo,my driving teacher, the afternoon before. He gives me my VERY NECESSARY pep talk...telling me that I am ready. telling me that some teachers all throughout the test to see if they can throw you off. Camillo then went on to tell me that he will come and get me bright and early at 8a.m. Then we would go together to the Hollywood DMV, where I would sign up and get ready for my test. So I went home and started mentally preparing myself for tomorrow's adventure. After a big of a sleepless night, I woke up to rain!!! WTF!!???! WHAT DO YOU MEAN RAIN? I started to have a mini panic attack..."hmmm, ok. windshield wipers...have I used them ever before? NO!!! well, at least I know where they ARE...but yikes, I have never driven in the rain before. Will I make it out ok?" I run out to the nearby Starbucks to get some coffee because I would need it to keep alert. 30 min later Camillo shows up with the little Prius hybrid from driving school. When I got in the car, I started freaking out to Camillo that I was going to flunk the test because I wasn't prepared for a rainy LA day. I they even really HAVE any of those in LA??
Wasn't there a song that's called "It never Rains in Southern California"???? Am I missing something?
Camillo starts laughing, and says "Don't worry. You are Lisle Weapon. you will be fine."
LOL...yeah, right.
So we head to the DMV. I get in line and sign up.
Then my DMV tester comes up to me. Hmmm...I look him up and down. If there were a token "smoove pimp daddy" at the Hollywood DMV, I am sure it would be him.
He was a tall, good looking older Hispanic man with a mustache. Quite the distinguished looking man.
He looked at me and introduced himself. ( darn, I forget his name. but I will call him Mr. Smoove) We did our "parts test" and I kept giving him a BIG smile to see if I could get a smile back or SOME kind of reaction. but NOTHING!
Oh boy...I knew this was going to be a tough one.
Then he gets in and starts guiding me towards the course he is going to test me on.
(there are two courses they use to test people in the Hollywood DMV)'s the one that I am more comfortable with...
We get out of the DMV parking lot and I start driving away.
Then as I am getting more comfortable with the whol scenario, i say to him ( with my eyes on the road at all times OF COURSE!) " you must test a lot of nervous people everyday, huh?" as I start laughing nervously.
Silence... hmmm...ok, well, what do I do now...
"yes, I do" he answers.
Ok, Mr. Smoove. Short but sweet. I see how this game is being played.
But I don't give up.
"how long have you been testing at the DMV?"
"for a long time"
LOL...OK, Mr. Smoove. I get the hint.
So I just keep my eyes on the road and the task at hand and just keep driving.
I must admit...since Camillo was such the chatty kathy kinda teacher, I wasn't at all accustomed to driving in silence.
But I got over it.
I kept noticing Mr. Smoove scribble things on his notepad. Everytime he did, I kept saying to myself "oh no...I wonder if I did that wrong?"
Needless to say by the time I finally made it back to the DMV, I was a mess.
But there in the parking lot I saw Camillo wave to me with a big smile on his face.
YAY! I finally FINISHED!
Just as I am pulling into the parking lot, Mr. Smoove says "you can park right over there" and points his finger to a parking spot right near the DMV building.
"OK!" I say to him in an upbeat, confident voice.
"OH SHIT! I haven't really practiced my parking that much!!!! I am going to BOMB this one!"
And YES, bomb it I did.
After parking half in one space and half in another...LOL....he chuckles for the first time since I met him earlier that morning and says "It's a good thing that this doesn't really count on your test. You should probably practice your parking a bit more."
I laugh and say "yeah, I will".
Whew! that was close!
Then Mr. Smoove says "well, you passed"
YIPPEE!!!!!! Now I am officially an adult in the eyes in the U.S.! LOL...
Camillo comes up to the car laughing and asks me how I did. I told him about my ride of silence and how Mr. Smoove told me I should practice parking. Then I went on to tell him the good news of me passing. He gives me a big hug and tells me he is very proud of me. We both laugh and head into the DMV. Now the 6ft blond geisha is READY to terrorize the streets of the US!
More memoirs of a 6ft blond geisha to come....

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